Let’s Do A Blog Round-Up: 6 Popular Posts You Might Have Missed And Mustn’t Miss Again

I have a confession to make.

And I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it, given we’re in the 21st century, but I don’t have a DVR. Which means I miss many shows, because I can’t record them if I’m out or just busy.

I’m guessing you have a DVR, so you’re probably not missing too many of your favorite shows.

But you may have missed one of my previous posts…

Which is why, today, I’m inviting you to join me on a blog round-up! So, grab a coffee or a Coca-Cola, check out the posts below, and pick up a few powerful tips for being your best self!

6 Popular Posts You Might Have Missed And Mustn’t Miss Again…

Different, But Not Less: What An Autistic Woman Teaches Us About Being Ourselves

Temple Grandin inspires me. Like, really inspires me. And she has a lot to teach us about being ourselves…even if that means being a little bit different. Want to embrace your differences instead of bash yourself for them? Then you’ll want to re-read this post!

Let's Do A Blog Round-Up...

How to Gain More Empathy In Just Five Seconds Using Just Five Words…

I believe the world desperately needs more empathy. And I also believe that it starts with each one of us. How can we have more empathy? Re-read this post for a super quick, super easy exercise that helps you gain more empathy in just five seconds using just five words.

Let's Do A Blog Round-Up...

What Susan Tom Teaches Us About Loving Others For Who They Are

Susan Tom was one of my favorite individuals to highlight in my Inspiration Tuesday posts because of her remarkable ability to see the beauty in each and every person – when others don’t. Re-read this post for a beautiful reminder of what a single, adoptive mom of 11 special needs kids teaches us about loving others for who they are…

Let's Do A Blog Round-Up...


How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others and Start Embracing Yourself Instead.

It’s easy (and common) to compare ourselves to others. But when we do, we slowly chip away from our joy about life and ourselves. Ugh. Who wants that?! Re-read this post to learn how to stop comparing yourself to others and start embracing YOU instead.

Let's Do A Blog Round-Up... 

The REAL Question You’re Asked At The Pearly Gates…

I think it may be fair to say that whether you look back on your life as a happy one or not comes down to this one question. Really. Are you really ready to be yourself? Then you’ll want to re-read this post.

Let's Do A Blog Round-Up...


When Life Isn’t Fair…Because Sometimes It Isn’t.

I’m passionate about reshaping how we see adversity and about helping people go from victim to victor – something hard to do if you stay focused on the unfairness of life. Re-read this post and learn how to strike “It’s not fair” from your vocabulary, or, at least, say it a little less.

Let's Do A Blog Round-Up...
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