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You know that feeling, that great feeling when you’re “in your groove”? When you feel comfortable with who you are, wherever you are? And, better yet, when you’re no longer afraid to show the world who you are?


Yep, we help you feel like that all the time here at Be Yourself and the Rest Will Follow.®


So that, like the female silhouette above, you too are walking confidently through life, comfortable in your own skin, loving and accepting yourself just as you are…completely and unabashedly.


Rest assured, you won’t find any couches here, where you’ll have to pour your heart out while we ask you how you feel.


No, just easily digestible, practical wisdom (that won’t put you to sleep!) for not just being yourself (though that’s important!), but for being your best self.


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When Showing People You Care, Do More of THIS…

Did you ever watch the television show, The Facts of Life? I used to love that show growing up and, boy, did I get a dose of nostalgia when I happened to catch a re-run of it on TV Land recently. In case you don't remember or recognize the show, it revolved around the trials and tribulations of four adolescent girls (Blair, Jo, Natalie and Tootie) who attended a prestigious boarding school and were under the care of housemother, Ms. Garrett. On the episode I caught, it was Ms. Garrett's birthday, and wanting to give her as grandiose a … [Read more...]