Thank You For Reading!

  Hello! Thank you to everyone who read Be Yourself and the Rest Will Follow over the years. I hope it helped you to accept yourself, to love yourself, and, of course, to be yourself ... more! (And not just yourself, but your best self!) Please note, I primarily maintain the blog as a writing sample now and for anyone who wants to read past posts in order to further their personal growth journey. (As such, the form in the right sidebar that collects names + emails is no longer active...) Thanks again for reading and, … [Read more...]

When Showing People You Care, Do More of THIS…

Did you ever watch the television show, The Facts of Life? I used to love that show growing up and, boy, did I get a dose of nostalgia when I happened to catch a re-run of it on TV Land recently. In case you don't remember or recognize the show, it revolved around the trials and tribulations of four adolescent girls (Blair, Jo, Natalie and Tootie) who attended a prestigious boarding school and were under the care of housemother, Ms. Garrett. On the episode I caught, it was Ms. Garrett's birthday, and wanting to give her as grandiose a … [Read more...]