Inspiration Tuesday: What Susan Tom Teaches Us About Loving Others For Who They Are

Inspiration Tuesday: What Susan Tom Teaches Us About Loving OthersRemember how I told you that I love documentaries?

Well, after watching another one called My Flesh and Blood, I knew I had to highlight its “star”, Susan Tom, for this month’s Inspiration Tuesday.

Because Susan embodies something so remarkable and so important when it comes to accepting and loving others for who they are.

And we all want that, right? To be loved and accepted for who we are − quirks, ticks and all?

As you read on, ask yourself, “What am I focusing on most when it comes to friends, family or even people I first meet? And how does that impact my ability to love and accept others?”

What is one parent’s disappointment is another parent’s joy…

So, I hate to potentially bore you with a list, but take a look at the following, if you don’t mind…

Anthony:  Had Epidermolysis bullosa, a degenerative-and often fatal-skin disease.
Faith:  Disfigured from experiencing severe burns as an infant in a crib fire.
Hannah & Xenia:  Both born without legs.
Joe:  Had psychological problems as well as cystic fibrosis.
Libby:  Was born with spina bifida and uses a wheelchair.
Cloe:  Was born unable to bend her elbows and knees (Arthrogryposis).
Katie:  Was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and is mentally challenged.

At first glance, the above may read like a patient list at some hospital.

But, what the above actually is, is a list of all of the children that single mother, Susan Tom, has adopted. (She’s adopted 11 children with special needs in total, actually…)

Children that, because of their severe disabilities, their imperfections, their biological parents did notInspiration Tuesday: What Susan Tom Teaches Us About Loving Others want, and gave up.

Susan is not wealthy. Nor is she perfect. But she does have a whole heck of a lot of love to give.

And an incredible ability to see the beauty in each and every child that she’s adopted. An ability to focus on where they are ‘abled’ instead of disabled. Says Susan:

Whatever they have is part of who they are, and you accept them for that.

What Susan Tom teaches us about loving others for who they are…

The truth is, we’re better people when we see the best in others. So, how can we be more like Susan and focus on the best in others instead of the worst? Try this…

: | Choose where you focus your focus.

Want to know how we can be more like Susan and focus on the best in others versus the worst? Simple. We make a choice. Yes, just like we have to choose the thoughts we have about ourselves in order to feel self-love and self-acceptance, so too do we need to choose the thoughts we have about others in order to love and accept them. Choose to focus on the good in someone. It’s there.

Tweet this –> If you look hard enough, you can find something wrong with everyone. Find the good.

Inspiration Tuesday: What Susan Tom Teaches Us About Loving Others: | Instead of rushing to judgment, rush to acceptance.

When we judge others, we forget that we, ourselves, are not perfect. Yet, we expect others to be and often judge them when they’re not. Practice patience instead. And, mostly, let these areas of judgment serve as “triggers” that signify to you that that is where you need to practice empathy instead.

Tweet this –> Forgive people’s imperfections, just as you’d like them to forgive yours. Don’t judge; accept.

: | Appreciate the journey – not just yours, but someone else’s.

Each of us is on our own unique journey in this world. A journey, in which, hopefully, we’re strengthening our positives and continually working on our ‘negatives’. In other words, growing. Whenever you find yourself focusing on someone’s negatives, remind yourself that this person is still on their journey just like you are. Show compassion and understanding. Join them on this journey rather than standing on the sidelines in judgment. 

:: ::

So, there you have it. Three tips for focusing on the good versus the bad – all three of which Susan Tom practices.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s Inspiration Tuesday. May it inspire you not just on this Tuesday, but all of your life.

Let’s discuss! Share with me in the comments below…what tips do you have for how to focus on the best in others versus the worst? Or, if you’ve worked on this yourself, how has it changed your relationships with others?

To seeing the best in others,



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  1. how are the children doing now that its 2016. would be nice to have an update…where are they now!

    • Hi Erin,

      Unfortunately, I’m not sure how the children are doing now. I did a quick Google search of Susan Tom and didn’t find that much information about what she and the kids are up to now…but I agree, it would be nice to know!

      ~ Rachel

  2. Toni Neary says:

    Susan, I wish I could hug you, a good long hug. You are truly an angel, sent by God, to love, and nurture those who need it the most. Your capability to give yourself, 100%, is so mind blowing. I don’t know you, however, I love you. Thank you. Toni