What If YOU Have a Power Outage? (Just Don’t Blame Beyonce…)

What If YOU Had a Power Outage? (Just Don't Blame Beyonce...)So, I’m guessing that most of you watched the Superbowl this past Sunday, even if just for the commercials and Beyonce’s half-time show. What a game, right?

And what a blackout! Did someone forget to pay the power bill at the Superdome?

I guess it just shows that you never know when adversity is going to strike.

At the Superbowl, at work, or in your own life.

Adversity doesn’t always call ahead…

Like for the person who unexpectedly loses her job…

Or for the daughter who, at only 12, loses her mother to cancer…

Or for Dr. William Petit, who lost his beloved wife and two daughters in a home invasion.

No, adversity doesn’t always call ahead. And it doesn’t necessarily take volunteers. Almost always, it’s something we’re unwillingly drafted for.

We wish away our adversities, because, well, they’re unpleasant. They don’t feel good. Certainly, the ones above don’t. And even more minor ones feel just as badly to the person experiencing them.

Except when we wish away our adversities, we give up the opportunity to learn from them…to grow.

I know what it’s like to face challenges, to face “power outages”. And it doesn’t feel good. In fact, it can feel downright painful and unfair while you’re going through them.

But afterwards? And, you see, there’s where you need to focus – on the ‘afterwards’. Because it’s in the ‘afterwards’ where all What If YOU Have a Power Outage (Just Don't Blame Beyonce...)of the lessons are.

If you take the time to reflect on them.

Strength. Depth. Wisdom. And, perhaps most importantly, empathy. Those are some of the wonderful gifts of adversity. Gifts we might not receive if we don’t accept and embrace our challenges.

But some adversities are too grave to accept. And so we must do this instead…

We must use our challenges to help others.

Like the daughter who lost her mother to cancer. As an adult, she opened Kate’s Club, where children and teens who’ve lost a parent can come together for support.

Or Dr. William Petit, who lost his family in the tragic home invasion. He launched the Petit Family Foundation in their honor to raise money for causes important to them and to help victims of violence.

No one would have blamed either of these individuals if they had wanted to give up and stay in bed 24/7.  But they didn’t. They rose up.

And you can too. Whether the adversities you face are large or small.

I’m passionate about re-shaping how we see adversity and will re-visit it again. But, for now, I’d love to hear from you in the ‘comments’ section below!

Question > What have your adversities taught you the most? How have they helped you to grow? 

Don’t be shy! Share your comments below and help someone else in the Be Yourself community grow!

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