When You Encounter Difficult People Or Experiences, Do This…


So, this week’s post is going to be super short and super sweet.

Call it an interlude, if you will.

Have you ever had an experience or a relationship that was, well, just not easy?

You know the kind…rather than bringing you happiness and comfort, this experience or relationship brings you a sense of turmoil and hurt…as well as an array of other emotions.

And you think, gosh, if only this relationship with this person was easier.

If only this experience wasn’t so difficult.

Why is this happening to me?

Well, maybe something Oprah Winfrey said can help you, like it’s helped me.

I love this quote by her…


When You Encounter Difficult People Or Experiences, Do This...
Really, it’s true.

These difficult experiences and/or challenging relationships are like mirrors, reflecting back to us areas where we – not others – need to grow.

So often, we’re preoccupied with thinking about what the other person did (or didn’t do). Or we’re thinking about how unfair or unpleasant that experience was.

Next time, try focusing within.

And use that challenging relationship or that difficult experience to grow yourself into your best self.

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