How To Up Your Joy Factor…

How To Up Your Joy Factor...You know that great feeling when dreams come true? There’s no greater joy, right?

Well, you’re never going to believe what happened to me this past Friday. I’m still on cloud nine!

Remember how I blogged about happiness and Dennis Prager recently? If you couldn’t tell how much of a huge Dennis Prager fan I am from reading that post…well let’s just say, I am.

Well, guess what? I was on The Dennis Prager Show on Friday! I can’t believe I got through, but I called in to his weekly “Happiness Hour” and shared my wisdom – which he liked!

It was such a thrill or, to paraphrase Oprah, a real “Wow Moment”.

Now, I know, thousands probably call in to his radio show and others all the time. So, it’s not really that big of a deal, right?

Right. It’s not a big deal.

It’s a small deal.

But it’s those small deals − those minor moments − that can actually bring us the greatest joy.

If you wanna up your joy factor, you’re gonna need to do this…

Now, I’ve talked before about what makes for a happy life here and here, but you want to know what one of the other keys is to living a more joyful life?

It’s simple, really.How To Up Your Joy Factor...

Ready? Here it is…

To up your joy factor, you must continually live in a state of wonder. (<– Tweet This!)

What does it mean to live in a state of wonder?

It means finding “Wow Moments” everywhere you can − and not just in the big life-cycle, milestone moments, but more so in the seemingly mundane minutiae of everyday life. 

Like, for me, just the very fact that we’re breathing, that everything in our bodies is working (hopefully!) exactly as it should be to gift us with another day of being alive is a “Wow Moment”…

Or, walking down the streets of New York and suddenly noticing the beautiful architecture of a building I’ve walked by a million times…another “Wow Moment”…

Or, looking up at the beautiful blue sky on a sunny day and appreciating just how incredibly beautiful it really is…perhaps the simplest of “Wow Moments”…

Less blah and more awe…

If I can be honest, I see too many people letting themselves get too bogged down by the blah’s of life versus lifted up by the awe’s of life.

How To Up Your Joy Factor...So, as you go through each day, look for “Wow Moments” all around you.

They’re there.

Just waiting for you to say, “Wow!”

Now, it’s your turn! Share with me in the comments section below one of your “wow” moments. What brings you joy?

To staying in wonder,



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  1. I can’t list everything that gives me joy, but – Being of Service to Others/volunteering
    -being with my family
    -Being Creative