Before You Judge Someone’s Story, Do This…

Before You Judge Someone's Story, Do This...I hate commercials, don’t you?

Well, except for maybe the Domino’s Pizza commercial I saw recently that touched on something so important.

And that is, how many of us really know other people’s stories?

Or, better yet, how many of us are assuming we know other people’s stories…and are judging people based on these stories we have created?

I bet, when many of us think of Domino’s pizza makers, we probably think they are just that − Domino’s pizza makers. One may even think they lack motivation or ambition in life because, well…they’re just making pizzas.

But what this commercial highlighted was that, in addition to making pizzas, Domino’s pizza makers are artists, carpenters, musicians and more.

Pretty neat, huh?

Are you sure you know the full story?

It’s easy to think we know someone’s story…when we only consider what’s on the surface. (As we humans are somewhat prone to do…)

But I want to challenge you to go beyond the surface. To challenge those assumptions that are so easy to make based on just the things we see.

And to do this…

Before You Judge Someone's Story, Do This...

For example, my mom, while on her recent cross-country road trip (that I told you about here), encountered this elderly and very disheveled-looking woman − one many could have mistaken for being homeless.

Instead of judging her, however, my mom said “Hello” and chatted with her, discovering that this woman had moved with her family, in the 1940’s, to the “Secret City”, Oakridge, Tenn., where her father worked as part of the highly secretive Manhattan Project.

Wow. Amazing, right? There was definitely more to this woman than met the eye – and if my mom had only relied on her eyes, she would have never learned this woman’s incredible story.

Bottom line?

Before you judge someone’s story, learn someone’s story. (<– Click To Tweet This!)

Making assumptions about others (or anything in life for that matter) is the easy path. The lazy path, if I can be blunt about it.

Going out of our way to learn about others may take more time and effort…

But I can tell you, it’s worth it.

Because who doesn’t love a good story? 

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To learning and embracing other people’s stories,



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