How Are YOU Showing Up In The World? I Hope Like This…

How Do You Show Up In The World?Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve written, right?

I’ve missed you.

But I’ve decided I’m only writing when I feel I have something meaningful and important to say.

And, while today’s post may be short and sweet (or maybe just sweet!), it’s something I think is important and critical for each one of us to put into practice each day.

It’s something I’ve actually practiced myself since childhood and that I was reminded of while watching a repeat of The Oprah Winfrey Show (on OWN).

(Hey, that’s what lazy Sundays are for, right?!)

On the show was a couple who had lost their 6-year-old daughter to a rare form of brain cancer.

What an unspeakable adversity.

As this couple described their loss, they also described their daughter’s incredibly uplifting and positive attitude and spirit as she underwent treatment, and up until the day she died.

Her mother spoke specifically of one instance when she and her daughter were driving, on a rainy day, to the hospital for chemotherapy.

While she (the mother) was feeling very sad, her daughter turned to her and said enthusiastically, “Mom, isn’t this beautiful? Look how G-d is giving us rain so we can enjoy all of this greenery and the animals can feel less hot!”


Take a note from this 6-year-old.

That’s how you show up in the world.

With a smile. With enthusiasm. With joy.

No matter what adversities you’re facing. And no matter how you’re feeling inside.

I know, I know…you’re thinking, “But, Rachel, this happened to me…”, or “That happened to me…”, or “But, I’m in a bad mood…”

“I don’t feel happy, I don’t feel like smiling.”

I understand. Really, I do.

But, when you go out that door and face the world, act happy.

Put a smile on your face.

Be engaged. And engaging.

When you encounter others, whether it’s friends, family, co-workers or strangers, don’t just say ‘hi’. Say ‘HI’, with enthusiasm and passion.

Because how you show up in the world matters. 

And it’s a choice.

A friend of my family’s used to say, to be successful, “just show up”.

That’s not enough, actually.

You’ve got to SHOW UP!

Get the difference?


Now, go out there and, as Nike says, “Just do it”.

To acting happy even when you don’t feel it,



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