Knowing You Are THIS Is The Key To Happiness In Relationships And Life…

The Key to Happiness: You Are Enough

Do you have a minute?

I’d like to tell you a story.

A story told by Elizabeth Lesser, founder of The Omega Institute, to Oprah Winfrey on her show, Super Soul Sunday.

And it’s a story you’ll want to read because, in it, Elizabeth talks about something so powerful and so fundamental to our happiness in relationships and in life.

In my last post, I talked about one way to show up in the world.

In Elizabeth’s story, she talks about another way to do so…

And it’s a way that’s seemingly just as, if not much harder for many of us to do than the way I suggested.


Picture this…

Your sibling, who has been in remission for six years, is now in the hospital after his or her rare form of cancer has returned.

And you rush to be by his or her bedside to offer comfort and support.

Except you don’t just bring comfort and support, you bring with you all of the things you think you’re supposed to be in order to be liked, to be loved, to be accepted by this other person.

This is what Elizabeth did when visiting and caring for her cancer-stricken sister in the hospital, where she also had an incredible revelation…

I am enough, just as I am. Just showing up for my sister, I am enough. Not what I do. Not who I am. When I showed up there with my sister, she didn’t care about my credentials, or where I’d been, or who I know, or what book I was writing. She wanted me.

And that was really hard for me to wrap my heart around. ‘You mean, I’m enough for you? You really want ME?’ And I think we all struggle with that. Like we think we have to be somebody, do something, say something when, really, our soul, our golden, radiant core is enough.

It’s true, right? So often we think we have to bring so much more to the table than just ourselves in order to be loved.

Tweet this –> I think it’s hard for us to wrap our hearts around the truth that WE ARE ENOUGH,  just as we are. ~ Elizabeth Lesser via @BeYourself_TRWF

Now, one of the reasons Elizabeth was able to experience this “I am enough” revelation was becauseThe Key to Happiness: You Are Enough her sister was sick – something that instantly put all of the things Elizabeth felt she had to be in order to be loved in their proper perspective.

Nothing compares with cancer, right?

So, here’s the real question…

Why can’t we know we’re enough when someone isn’t sick, when there isn’t that “great equalizer”, like cancer or something else, present? How do we wrap our hearts (and minds) around this truth so beautifully stated by Elizabeth?

We can, if we’ll remember that…

We have nothing to prove to anyone other than ourselves.

We have no one to impress other than ourselves.

And we’re each on our own unique journey, designed specifically for us.

At the end of Elizabeth’s conversation with Oprah, she reminded Oprah and viewers that people don’t want or need us to impress them or do anything for them – they just want us to come be with them and be our true, genuine selves.

And if you take away nothing else from her story…

I think that’s enough.

And so are you.

May you always show up in the world knowing you are enough, just as you are.


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To being enough just as you are,


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