The ONLY New Year’s Resolution You Need To Make For 2014…

The ONLY New Year's Resolution You Need To Make For 2014...Happy 2014! How was your New Year’s? Good? Awesome.

Over the years, I’ve experienced all kinds of New Year’s…large parties, small parties, dinner out with friends, dinner in with friends.

This year, it was dinner in with family, and, I have to say, it was wonderfully calm and cozy.

If I’m being honest, I kind of find the whole New Year’s thing a bit over-rated.

All the fuss we make over this one day reminds me of the couple who focuses so much on the wedding and not enough on the marriage.

Like them, I think we can sometimes focus so much on New Year’s, but not enough on the year that follows…in terms of thinking about what we want to achieve or who we want to be….

Or, we make such grand new year’s resolutions that are so overwhelming that we can’t seem to follow through on them.

The ONLY New Year’s resolution you need to make for 2014…

Big, audacious goals are wonderful. Really, they are.

But I want to encourage you to make just one resolution this year – to go small.

Like the restaurant patron who paid the tab for a mother eating out with her family, including her special needs child who was acting up throughout their meal.

While others glared, this patron paid their tab (anonymously) and sent the mother the sweetest note, saying, “God only givesThe ONLY New Year's Resolution You Need To Make For 2014... special children to special people”.

Small gesture that made a HUGE impact.

Or, like when I was flying back home from Los Angeles this past Thanksgiving and stopped to go the restroom before heading to baggage claim.

As I was leaving the bathroom, I noticed the cleaning lady waiting to come in and clean. As I saw people passing her by on their way out, I thought to myself, “I bet no one ever stops to thank her for what she does.”

So I stopped. And I told her, “I just want to thank you for what you do to keep these restrooms clean. I really appreciate it.”

I noticed some surprise in her eyes (as if no one had ever thanked her before) as she replied, “You’re welcome (and thank you)” in return…I also noticed how much my gesture had meant.

Again, small gesture that made a HUGE impact.

Now, I don’t bring up this last one to brag about myself and say, “Hey, look what I did!”

I bring up both of these stories to remind us (myself included) of how much these small gestures have the power to make a truly tremendous difference in someone’s life.

And they make us feel good too, right? (You know what they say, when you give, you usually get back much more…)

So, when you’re making your resolutions for 2014, do this…

Splash_optResolve to go small. 

To spend your 2014 making those small gestures toward others. 

Because those small gestures can make a HUGE impact.

And so can you.

Let’s chat! Has someone ever made a small gesture toward you that made a positive impact on your life? Or, have you made one that’s made a difference in someone else’s? Share it with me in the comments section below − I’d love to hear it!

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To going small,


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