You Get There When You Get There*…

You Get There When You Get ThereDid you watch The Kentucky Derby this weekend? I don’t usually watch it, but gloomy skies and heavy rain can turn me into a real homebody, so I did this year.

What a great race! I especially loved learning all of the back stories behind the horses and jockeys.

Whether it was the possibility of Rosie Napravnik becoming the first female to win the Derby or of Kevin Krigger becoming the first African American to win since 1902, each story was more compelling than the next.

But it was the story of the winning horse, Orb, that got me thinking the most.

No matter how distant the finish line, victory is always attainable…

Orb started out Saturday’s race at the end of the pack. In fact, he was so far behind that it looked like he had no chance of winning.

You'll Get There When You Get There

But, coming around the final turn, Orb took off at lightning speed, making up all lost ground to win.

Awesome. I love a great come-from-behind story. And Orb’s definitely is one…not just at this weekend’s derby, but leading up to it.

You see, Orb, in his early races, had problems breaking out of the starting gate quickly enough. And he lost several races because of this.

But, through hard work (led by his trainer), Orb grew and developed, and went on to win five races in a row before winning the Derby this weekend.

Don’t ever count yourself (or others) out too soon…

Like Orb, maybe it’s taken you (0r someone you know) a little while to “break out of the starting gate”, to blossom into your fully beautiful self (or just to realize how beautiful you are).

If that’s the case, I’d like to introduce you to the three P’s…and I hope you’ll share them with others if you think they can help. 

:: Patience.

Be patient with yourself. Embrace where you are now and celebrate all of the little (or big) steps forward. The only finish line you need to cross is your finish line – not anyone else’s. And there’s no right or wrong time to cross it.

Growing pink Hyacinth:: Persistence.

Don’t just go confidently in the direction of your dreams, as Henry David Thoreau suggests. Go eagerly in the direction of your growth. Do whatever you need to do (that’s right for you and that doesn’t hurt anyone else) to become your best self. Never stop growing.

:: Pay It Forward.

As you shine, “let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark.”^ And be patient with them as they come into their light. We all have strengths and weaknesses – be as patient with others as you’d want them to be with you.

Remember, the right time to blossom is your time. (<– Click to Tweet!

To becoming your best self,



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* Thanks to Angela Stalcup for the title of this post!
^ Source of quote unknown