How To Stop Making An *ss Out Of You And Me. Or, Rather, How To Stop Making Assumptions.

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving holiday? I did! But post-holiday? Hmm...not so much. Unfortunately, I was sick all last week, stuck in bed with a monster cold that made me very sleepy and Kleenex very rich.  And I watched more corny Lifetime movies than I care to admit, not to mention Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU) re-runs. For some reason, either Law & Order or Law & Order SVU seems to be my go-to show whenever I'm sick. (Maybe it's that darn 'Dun Dun' sound effect, I don't know...) In one episode of Law & Order SVU … [Read more...]

This Just In: How Five Busy, Overextended People Show They Care – And How You Can Too!

T.J. Maxx may be trying hard to convince you to be a Maxxinista, but being a Gratatista is way cooler, if you ask me. What's a Gratatista, you ask? Well, if a Maxxinista is someone who's super savvy at finding the latest and greatest fashions at super savvy prices, a Gratatista is someone who's super savvy at finding ways to show gratitude when they barely have the time to grab lunch.  Between juggling family or career or both, we think it's so hard to find the time to show the people in our lives that we care. We think it will take so much … [Read more...]

It Takes A Funeral…

I know. I said the word, 'funeral'. And you're probably thinking, "Great, she's talking about death this week." But, hold up. Not so fast.  I'm actually talking very much about life. About what it takes to live our best life and to be our best selves. And, so, yes, that does mean I'm going to talk about funerals for just a wee bit. But I promise, I'll get to the 'life' part really hold tight! (Trust me, you'll want to watch the video at the end for lessons only a person who's faced what he's faced can teach us!)  It takes a … [Read more...]