I’m Gonna Wash That Gray Right Outta My Hair…But Not My Flaws.

Do you remember that Clairol commercial, I’m Gonna Wash That Gray Right Outta My Hair? I know, I’m probably dating myself by asking. 

But I was thinking about it for some reason and thinking to myself, we seem to feel that same way about our flaws. That we want to “wash them right out” of us. Because we feel like, if we do, if we’re perfect, people will like us better.

Even well-known newscasters feel like this, like one news anchor, who’ll remain nameless, who had a rocky start when joining her network. “I felt like I needed to project total confidence, but that alienated people,” she said in People Magazine (a magazine I swear I only read at airports!).

“I decided to let my flaws out there a bit.” She did, and now she’s a huge hit at her network.

How to Embrace Your Gray (i.e., Your Flaws)

I don’t know if Clairol’s Loving Care is still around to help get rid of the grays, but I’ve got a super short 3-step exercise that will help you start embracing your flaws rather than fear exposing them.

  • Step #1: Pick one of your flaws.
  • Step #2:  Think about the good things about this flaw, the gifts it has given you or the lessons it has taught you over the years.
  • Step #3: Whenever you’re tempted to criticize yourself about this flaw, say instead, “I love (enter flaw here) because it has given me/taught me (enter gift/lesson here), and I wouldn’t be (enter something positive here) without it.”

Now, rinse and repeat for each of your flaws. And before you know it, you’ll appreciate the gifts your flaws have given you and understand how they’ve made you the unique person you are today.

Remember, the beauty is in the flaws. Don’t be afraid of them, for it is our flaws that remove that untouchable veil of perfection and make us more relatable to others.

Even if you don’t anchor a newscast.

Now it’s your turn! Share with me in the ‘Comments’ section below: 

Question > What lessons or gifts have some of your flaws given you? How have they made you a better person?

Share your lessons/gifts with the Be Yourself community and inspire others to embrace their flaws!

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